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  1. Engine
    The title pretty much says it. What’s everybody’s thoughts on rubber vs cork valve cover gaskets? Thanks
  2. Engine
    Hi, I am going to replace the intake manifold gasket. Have bought a kit from MrGasket that contains the 2 gasket for each cylinder head face and the 2 rubber gaskets for the front and end surfaces. 327 engine. Intake manifold: older Edelbrock Performer 2101. Have a few questions about the...
  3. Body Shop
    I am finishing up a 69 RS convertible, and need to know who makes the best fitting door seals? The doors worked fine with the original seals, but now that I have installed the new Soft Seal brand seals, you just about can not shut the doors. There would be no way of closing them from inside the...
1-3 of 3 Results