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  1. Auto Meter Gauges for LS Engines

    Electrical & Wiring
    Hey guys, been trying to reach AutoMeter to help figure out my Speedometer issue, but haven't heard back yet for a while. I purchased their Ultra Light gauges, and was informed by the sales rep to purchase this "LS Install Kit" specifically done for LS Engines...
  2. Bunch of parts from my 67 Camaro.

    Forum Classifieds
    I have a number of parts that I will not be using from my 67 SS350 Camaro that I'm selling. They are all listed on eBay now so they may sell on there first. Let me know if you want something. 67 Factory Drum brake wheel hub set, great condition: $59.99 (Free shipping) 67 Steering arms and...
  3. Original Tachometer 1967 Camaro

    Hey Guys, I am wondering if anyone can post a pic or let me know what color the center ring on the tach was for the 1967 Camaro looks like. Seems like all the reproductions are reflective white and I thought the original was silver to match the speedo and fuel gauge.
  4. 67 versus 68 A pillar covers

    Hi, What are the differences between the A pillar covers for a 67 versus a 68? Can 68 covers be used in a 67, and if so will anything else need to be changed (dash pad, etc.)? I have a 67 and I would like install the Anvil CF A pillar covers w/ gauge pods. These are for a 68 but from the...
  5. 67 (and a 68) fuel gauges not working...

    Electrical & Wiring
    I wasn't sure where to post this, but seeing as it might be in the wiring, I'll ask this question here. So, my '67, as well as my brother's '68 have non-working fuel gauges. Mine was previously in beside the speedo, but it never worked (at least since I remember) and I put console gauges in. I...
  6. LT1 Instrument Cluster Conversion

    EFI in your modern Classic
    Now that I have installed a 96 z28 lt1 and t56 in my 68, it is time to get gauges and set up the dash but here is where I am running into problems. I cannot find any manufacturer that makes a gauge set up that will operate using the 96 stock sending units and ECM that will function in the 68...
  7. 69 "Retromod" interior -- instrument cluster and seats

    Restoration Corner
    Just looking at my first posts before I bought the car this summer. It's like reading the words of a naive 16 year-old. As a remorseful man once said, "If I knew then what I know now..." It's been painful occasionally (finding rust spots here and there and a welding patches), but FUN (turning...
  8. Wiring questions -- please don't hate me!

    Electrical & Wiring
    The set up I just sold was an Auto Meter set up wired for speedo, tach, temp, oil pressure, volt and fuel. I wanted a stock interior, so the new (old, original) set up is in the mail, and it will have speedo, fule and clock. At some point, I'd like to get the sawtooth gauge cluster, but, for...
  9. Instrument Panel and C2 Auto Meter Gauges -- Interested in TRADES TOO!

    Forum Classifieds
    Trying to get a 69 interior back to stock condition, and these gauges have to go. If you have 69 originals on any of these -- whether it's the carrier panel, or the console gauge cluster or both -- I'm interested in trades! Let's save each other some money. These gauges all work; and the...
  10. 1986 SC Dash Question

    Third Generation
    My son recently bought a great 1986 Camaro SC, 2.8, 5spd T-top. One owner (70 yrs old) a real cream puff. But it's interior is spartan. Speedo and gas gauge is all there is on the dash, plus idiot lights. Are dash boards interchangable? Can we find one with a tach, oil pressure, temp gauge and...
  11. Aftermarket Gauges

    Camaro Tech
    Hello all..I was wondering if I bought some new gauges if they would connect with no problems and if i could remove the cluster and just mount them in my metal dash? :thumbsup:
  12. altenator/battery gauge jumping??

    Electrical & Wiring
    Finally got the 87 running good. Replaced the ECM. Now it's back to an original problem. There is an electrical problem somewhere.. When i use my turn signal, the gauge jumps with the beat of the signal. also, at night when i use the headlights, the gauge runs lower than usual, and the...
  13. faulty gauges "reset" themselves?? Somebody help me

    Electrical & Wiring
    So I recently removed an XM Stereo that was installed on my camaro when i bought it. When i did this i blew my number 15 fuse and promptly replaced it. This fuse was the fuse to all my gauges, dash lights, fog lights, and stereo. Once replaced the gauges worked fine. Yesterday however i did...