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  1. Prepping/Painting grill

    Body Shop
    Alright, whats the best way to prep the plastic area of the grill for primer/paint? Prep like metal? Thanks!
  2. Upper and lower grill moldings

    Restoration Corner
    Is it possible to determine if the upper and lower grill moldings have been painted red on my 67. It's a standard grill even though the emblems says RS. Or is it some molding that should be attached on top of the red metal? I have the headlamp bezels and they fits well with the red plate/molding...
  3. Paint codes needed for a 1968 SS... Grill, interior dash, etc.

    Body Shop
    I have done a site search for paint codes and I think I found the interior paint codes for the dash. I have a black interior and the 1968 chevrolet interior color page I found says it is Ditzler 9266. Questions: Interior Is low gloss 30%? It is used for the face of the dash right? The manual...