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  1. Second Generation
    hey guys i need help bad, i have a 71 grille problem, i want to take the nose piece off because i believe it to not be factory since its put on with crappy homemade brackets. i took it off and ordered a new grill from ecklers but its too small, it doesnt fit in the nose piece because its too...
  2. Forum Classifieds
    New & unused and srill in the box...Steve's Camaro's has it advertised for $244,I'll go $150 + shipping:yes:
  3. Body Shop
    Hi, I just got my 67 back from getting painted and had some questions. These may sound kind of bizarre, but bear with me and I'll explain what's going on. Can someone please send me a picture of the headlight bezel area on a 67? I'm trying to figure out how much of a gap there should be...
1-3 of 4 Results