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head room

  1. Fiero seats in first gen

    Continuing my hunt for head room... I'm reading that fiero seats are a possibility. Can anyone who's installed them chime in with how it went: sit lower? Comfortable? Tilt to allow rear seat ingress/egress? Use fiero brackets? Stuff to look for when junking for a set? Places to look...
  2. '69 Camaro - Options to lower front seats

    Hi folks - I'm just about done with my car (for now) but I've got a significant problem with my front seats. Running factory frames and TMI Sport R foams/covers. I've been down the "new foams and covers are thicker' road but I'd like the community's thoughts on how I can modify the set-up to...
  3. Alter Seat Tracks for HEAD ROOM or aftermarkets tracks to drop seats?

    I've read and searched extensively re: this issue and most everything I find speaks to picking up leg room but what I need is head room...actually, it feels as if my @ss is about 3" too high which makes the car seem that it has tons of body roll but it doesn't. I just simply sit too darn high...