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  1. Header & exhaust options '69 327

    I have a 1969 base model convertible with a 327 and auto trans. The exhaust manifolds look to be original and are in very back condition. I have never tackled any type of engine work and need some advice. I'm looking for suggestions for a replacement exhaust, manifold to tail pipe. I would like...
  2. BB Hooker Full Length Super Comp Headers

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    For 67-69 Camaro and 68-75 Nova Hooker BB Chevy Super Comp Full Length Headers. 2 1/8" Tuned Length Primary Tubes. 3 1/2" collector. Round port holes. 5/16" Flanges. Hooker Part #2285HKR. New Cost. $540 Selling for $350 Shipping from 70791. It's a little high, to New Hampshire is $120...
  3. Hooker BBC Super Comps & Milodon pans

    Hi, Has anyone used Hooker 2.125" big block headers with a Milodon low profile or road race pan (30950, 31505) in a first gen car? I want to confirm that: a) they fit with the pan kickouts, and b) there aren't any other fit issues I missed. I'm prepping an LS6 and want to make sure...
  4. Problems fitting everything on a 396/325hp under the hood

    Okay, two things. 1. i have a 68 convertible, it mightve originally been a 350, but now has an actual 1968 396/325hp. I have a C-396 Edelbrock intake, and a 1407 Edelbrock carb... and this little rinky-dink 2" tall air filter which K&N does not make a circular or oval 2" filter. My problem is...