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  1. Header question, yes again

    I know this question has been asked to death and I have searched through here and lots of other places but in 2020 I can not believe there isn't a definitive answer. I will try to no let my frustration get the best of me but here is the situation.... I am getting my 69 Camaro back on the road...
  2. Headers that fit angle plug AFR 195 competition heads

    I'm building a new 355 looking for a well built header that works well with AFR 195 competition race heads. These heads only come in the angle plug configuration. I'm also not sure if I should use 1 5/8" or 1 3/4". I don't have air conditioning,power steering, or power breaks. It's a mostly drag...
  3. Cleaning headers?

    Ran over a plastic bag yesterday and it stuck to my headers. What a mess. They are ceramic coated. As you can imagine, taking them out is NOT an option! :surprise: Any suggestions much appreciated! bob
  4. Routing TH350 cooling lines with headers

    Transmission & Driveline
    I'm putting full length tube headers in my '69 floptop and it looks as though I'll end up bending my own trans cooler lines to the radiator. This does not look like a lot of fun. I'm wondering if any of you might have suggestions as to routing or other experience to make this job easier.
  5. FREE SHIPPING on Flowmaster + 20% off MSRP!

    Hey Everyone, We are now a proud distributor of Flowmaster products and we are doing a special promotion to kick off. For a limited time we are offering Free Ground Shipping to the contiguous 48 states on any American Thunder Exhaust Kit and/or any Scavenger Series Elite Headers. We have...
  6. plug wires getting REAL HOT

    i have a sb 400 in my 1980 z28. i cleaned up the plug wires and have run them up the sides of the motor. they sit pretty close to the headers and i have sleeves on the wires in the spots where they sit VERY close to the headers so that they don't burn up. however, the wires are still greatly...
  7. Header Problem - Waaaa-waaaa!

    Hi guys - Before you drop the "use the search function" on me, I've read every post I can on this topic but I'm getting no where. I've called Patriot and Summit and Doug's and I get different answers. 1969 Camaro with ZZ4 sbc, 3rd-gen 12:7 Cardone PS Box, no A/C and T-56 manual. Car is...
  8. Engine swap 396 to ZZ427

    Hello guys, my name is Max and I´m new here because I bought a 68 Camaro and want to restore it now. The next step is to change the headers and the exhaust. My car is powered by a 396 BigBlock and I want to use this engine for the first time, but later I want to change to the chevy-performance...
  9. Need help on getting right headers on 1967 Camaro

    Hello ,i have a 1967 327 RallySport center column shifter with power brakes/steering, and A/C, i need to know if there are any Headers i could buy that would fit with my stock A/C. The problem is is that the bracket i have now is going strait into the exhaust manifold. I want to know if there...
  10. Install 327 with Headers On?

    I am wondering if anyone has tried to install a 327 + trans in a '67 with the headers on... The steering box is in but thats about it. I thought I would ask the pros. before just pushing ahead and then having to remove the headers. Any thoughts?
  11. Header problems.

    Camaro Tech
    Hi my name is Nathan and I'm a first time poster from Australia:), I own a 67 witch is still left hook and still fairly standard. I'm currently puttin a 350 sbc into the car. The new motor has a set of racing head services 180cc straight plug heads on it. My current headers ( a set of flo tech...
  12. Header/Motor mount/Steering box woes

    I bought some nifty coated Hooker Comps for my 69 Camaro with a 396. When I bought the car it had solid motor mounts with (what I thought was) small block frame stands. I put the BBC motor mount/frame stand set for that year of car in and a "quick ratio" power steering box in as well. The...
  13. Headers not going on 67 Camaro

    Camaro Tech
    Hi all. Asking for some help on how to get my headers to go on. I bought the Hooker headers 2130-1HKR's. I unbolted the driver side motor mount and lifted the engine also. I can not seem to get the driver side header up in the car. :mad: I know it's hitting the motor mount and due to the header...
  14. 1968 RS Suspension is too low & I'm constantly bottoming out! Help!

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    1968 RS Suspension is too low & I'm constantly bottoming out! Help! I just bought a 68 RS and I'm having problems with the car just being way too low. I'm running a 350 engine so it's not a weight problem from upgrading to a big block. I've got 15" rims on it and P195/65R15 tires. If I look...
  15. 502 Headers

    Hey Guys, I'm in the middle of restoring my 69 camaro and have a question about headers. The car is receiving a brand new Create 502 from GM and I was wondering what type of headers would work the best. I know its a tight fit for a big block in these cars and I was hoping someone may lead me...
  16. NEW Hooker Super Competition Hdrs

    Forum Classifieds
    For Sale one set of Hooker Super Competition headers for a 1882-1992 third gen Camaro with a BBC. They cost $749.95 at Summit part# HOK-2226-1HKR. They have been installed on a thirdgen before but never run. The guy lost interest in the car and I bought the car and...
  17. longtube or shorty headers for my 69?

    I want to put headers on my 69 camaro which has a 350 but I need additional information. What is the difference between longtube and shorty headers? Which will give me more horsepower and how will they affect the sound of the exhaust? I've noticed that some headers have skinny tubes while...
  18. Any interest in Dougs Headers with the Pontiac Owners

    Any interest in Dougs Headers with the Firebird owners on the board? D569 - My price would be $630.00 Shipped D568 - My price would be $695.00 Shipped If there is a interest, I...
  19. FS- Thorley Headers 376Y1C

    Forum Classifieds
    For sale is a pair of Thorley 376Y1C headers, 67-69 SBC camaro. They have 1 5/8 primaries and a 2 1/2" collectors and they are coated inside and out. I will include the collectors and gaskets that came with them. I bought them off of a fellow board member and then sent them to Jet hot to get...
  20. Small Block Headers

    I am putting a L98 engine (alum heads) with ZZ4 intake / Holley into my 67 (got tired of messing with getting the parts needed for TPI). It is an AC car with power steering. I have some no-name headers that I do not think will fit, and the original exhaust manifolds, but am looking for advice...