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  1. BBC GM heads and gaskets

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    I am redoing a bored and stroked 454 (496) and am making changes to the engine. This is an engine I picked up a few months ago and have parts that I am changing out. The engine STH only about 1 hour on the clock on most all of these parts. All parts are as is and are in fully working condition...
  2. 327 Heads??

    Ok, first off, I am new at this, so please bear with me. I have a 1967 camaro with a (was) rebuilt 1965 327 that I am in the middle of rebuilding. A little about the motor and drive train: It is bored .030 over, have the hyper eutetic pistons 9.5:1, .488 lift cam, edelbrock performer intake...
  3. Cam and head suggestions for 350

    I'm putting a new cam and heads in my 350 with the assistance of one of my mechanic friends. I am a newbie when it comes to engine building and would like to get your input in addition to his on what would be some good options for me to consider for a cam and heads. I had spoke to the person...
  4. Need some 383 help

    I have a 89 Rs, mild sub frame, iv got a 350 I built in highschool in it and wanna build a 383, I have a 350 bolck out of a 72 blazer, iv got it bored .30 over and lost direction on where to go from there, I want between 400-450 hp, and still be able to run 92 pump gas. Iv done research an wanna...
  5. What type of spark plugs for 1971 LS 6 heads?

    Second Generation
    Hi, can you guys tell me what type of spark plug I should be running for these heads? 1971 3994026 I looks like it should be tapered but I wanted to get some advice from TC. Thanks, Chris
  6. FS: vortec heads, intake, valve covers

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    In my never ending wishy-washiness, I've decided I'm not going to do the Vortec set up I was planning. Here's a link to my CL ad. As it says, I'll take $499 for everything. Hoping to find a local TCer to sell to and would prefer not to ship...
  7. Steps on Heads I just Got

    OK Guys. I just picked up a set of 186 Dbl Hump heads. They are pretty full of grime and need freshened up. I have read that over cleaner will do an initial bang up job cleaning the grime and carbon in and out. Then I will ensure the gasket residue is all removed. The springs are still on...
  8. Pro Comp Heads

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience on the Pro Comp aluminum heads? I'm considering purchasing a pair for a big block off of E-bay. Pros? Cons? Thanks!
  9. Summer project plans: need cam advice and other stuff

    Camaro Tech
    Doing a head swap this summer. (Found this great video: When I'm doing this engine work, I'd like to really clean up the engine bay while I'm at it. I also need to replace my radiator support. It's got a huge rust hole in it and...
  10. Price for new Vortec heads

    I found some 906 vortecs for sale on CL for $400. They're proclaimed to be unused -- guess I'd have to try to confirm that somehow. Anyway, I see what they go for new on Summit/Jegs ($329 each), so $400 for a pair sounds like a deal. But I was reading an old post somewhere, and it said that...
  11. ~Bottom End of Engine Blew Out... Help a Girl out w/Some Advice?

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    I'm a girl in love with her Camaro. A few months ago, I had overheating problems with my 1999 3.8 Chevy Camaro (Automatic) caused by a leak at a bolt near the timing cover.... and it resulted in my head gaskets eventually blowing out. At the time I was given a price quote of 3500 to have my...
  12. 202 heads/ 69 rear fold down

    What's it worth?
    Hello All, I was just wondering how much a 1969 rear fold down seat or some 202 heads would be going for these days.
  13. Looking for some new heads and cam...Help!

    Camaro Tech
    In the process of buying some a new set of heads and a bigger cam..I have a 1978 350 corvette block bored .60 w/4 relief eagle pistons and eagle 400 crank i have a 273 lifting cam that i bought with a holley street dominator intake manifold...Im looking for some aluminum heads and a bigger cam...
  14. Edelbrock / Musi Big Block Cylinder Heads

    Save $$$ on Edelbrock / Musi Aluminum Big Block Chevy Cylinder Heads. All heads are sold individually. Assembled Sale Priced @ $1,849.99 shipped ($150.00 Savings) Bare Sale Priced @ $1,449.99 shipped ($50.00 Savings)...