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heat range

  1. How to choose the right Spark Plug / Heat Range

    Maybe someone, with a similar combination, would be willing to make a spark plug recommendation... 69 Camaro - Manual Transmission - 3.73 Rear Gear Gen VI Big Block - Iron Block .030 over - 489CID AFR 290cc Oval Port Heads Eagle 4.25" Forged Rotating Assembly 10.70:1 Compression Edelbrock RPM...
  2. Plug and timing recomendation?

    I have a 69 with what I believe to be a 73 454 engine. It has a cam, head work, headers, dual 4's on a low rise and it's hooked up to a turbo 400. (I don't know the stall speed) I have a 12 bolt with a high, but unknown, numerical gear ratio. (It HAS to be at least 4.11's) I also just...