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  1. 'Special' Heater Backing Plate for '81 Camaro?

    Heating & Cooling
    Hey everyone... Ill give you the full story. So the heater core bit the dust about a month or 2 ago, puking coolant all over the passenger floor carpet... I replaced it. But a week later the blower motor started clicking at any speed other than high. I thought it was something maybe in the...
  2. '67 Heater Control Assembly Replacement

    Heating & Cooling
    Not too many postings here. I hope someone has experience with this. Has anyone had to replace their heater control assembly. One of my tabs broke and I have ordered a new one. It comes with the three cable attached. I've never had to take my dash apart before. How involved is this project. I...
  3. New heater core problems

    Heating & Cooling
    Hi All, 67 Camaro, 327 from new, non A/C, don't think the old Harrison heater core has ever been out of the car judging by the date on the core and the original sealer stuff was still in place. The old one was leaking from one of the pipes that had been broken off at some point, when I...
  4. Where do you buy heater core to firewall seal?

    Heating & Cooling
    Hello all, I recently took my car's heater system apart and repainted or replaced what was in bad shape. The one item I am having trouble replacing is the seal that was on top of the small block heater core. This seal was what pressed up against the firewall, sealing around the tubes. The only...
  5. Heater, A/C retrofit kits

    Heating & Cooling
    Im looking into this & was wondering, what kits have yall used, whats the likes & dislikes of the kits you bought? Any help is appreciated. I have 2 cars that have nothing, no heater or AC. Tnx
  6. 78 z28

    Second Generation
    I have a 1978 Z28 and the blower motor doesn't work when I turn it on. My teacher and I are going to replace the motor and see if that will make it work but I need to know, how do I get to the blower motor? I know it is on the passenger side but do I need to take off the fender to access it or...
  7. Wet Carpet?

    1967 Camaro: Hi All, At first my carpet on the passenger was getting soaked with antifreeze until I replaced the heater core. Ever since I replaced the heater core, the carpet on the driver side is now getting wet. Did I do something wrong when replacing the heater core? Help. Thank you in...
  8. Heater Core Manufacturer Recommendations

    Heating & Cooling
    Hi Guys, I'm getting ready to replace the heater core on my 67 and after reading through some posts on the site I had some questions. It seems like the two biggest complaints are that replacement cores are the wrong dimensions and/or are poorly made. That being said, can you guys recommend...
  9. 69 camaro low fan only

    Heating & Cooling
    I have a 69 camaro and the fan only blow's low in all positions on selector switch. I have installed a new resistor at the blower box and even installed new switches. I still have the same problem. Is there any other resistor that could be causing the problem.If any one has any ideas your help...
  10. 79 Camaro Blower Motor

    Second Generation
    I have a 79 Berlinetta. I have done a ground up restoration and changed the blower motor when I had the front end off the car. It worked fine at first, but now the motor has power and a good ground but is sporatic. Cuts on and off as I hit bumps. If I kill the car when it is running, you can...
  11. heater

    Heating & Cooling
    i know there are some others on here but didnt see anthing that answered my question and that is, where can i find a whole heater kit? or if i cant buy a kit what do i need to make one? and maybe a diagram to put it all together?