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help-i'm losing it

  1. Help!!!

    Ok I have a 99 Camaro 3.8 and it is haveing all sorts of problems. It feels like it is running ruff when it first cranks up under idle but starts running better as it warms up. if i give the car to much peddle it will start to what feels like misfire or choke or something of that nature. I just...
  2. Tuning Help 350 SBC Carb/Timing Stumble problem

    Hey guys, I've been having a problem with my '68 camaro. Basicly, I have limited power, off idle stumble, and a slight pop out of the exhaust when shifting. It takes alot to get the rpms up and seems to lose power about 4500 rpm. When idling, a distinctive stumble is heard and throttle response...