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  1. Convertibles
    Hello all! First time poster and first time Camaro owner here. Such an awesome community. I’ve been reading up on here! Anyways, I’m trying to the convertible on my 67’. I am in desperate need of the body mounts that the convertible top bolt to. I am having absolutely no luck with my googling...
  2. Fifth Generation
    Hey everyone. I have a 2012 RS Camaro and I have been facing some pretty annoying lighting issues all around. Also this is my first car that I've owned so I am pretty much a novice, but the bulbs are not the issue, which leads me to think its electrical. As of now, both headlights and a fog...
  3. Tag Team
    It reads: BODY BY FISHER 03D ST 68 12437-LOS-33390 BODY TR 749 ZZ PAINT __ VIN # 124378L334545
1-3 of 3 Results