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  1. Fuel line for Holley 4150 double pumper

    Camaro Tech
    Any suggestions on a fuel line for a Holley 4150 double pumper? Some of the stuff out there looks a bit cheap. Thanks
  2. Running rich?

    Hey guys. Bought a crate motor about a year ago for my project car. The car always seems to be a work in progress and I'm learning as I go and doing the work myself, but the one thing that continues to elude me is timing/carb tuning. I'm assuming it's running rich because the whole "eye-burning"...
  3. Rich idle

    Hey gents, I have a new crate 383 with a Holley 750. They set the carb at the factory base don their altitude which is about 2,000 feet higher. It's so rich that it burns my eyes if near an enclosed space and it gets in my clothes & beard. I've heard re-jetting it would work, or also changing...
  4. SBC 406 & Holley 670 rich idle & poor transition issues?

    Hoping some Team Camaro member might have some suggestions for me. My SBC 406 has a Holley 83670 - 670 cfm Street Avenger aluminum 4-bbl carburetor with vacuum secondaries and electric choke which I purchased and installed a little over one year ago. Starts fine but idle mixture adjustment and...
  5. Power Valve Sizing

    I don't like the results the Holley "rule" on sizing these is giving me. My 234 degrees in the cam make for only about 8'' Hg in drive. That would suggest a 45 power valve. I drove the car today with a vac gage on the motor and here are the stats I collected: a) Idle 10'' b) In Drive 8'' c)...
  6. AFR Log - need help all you wideband tuners...

    OK, So I have a 327, double hump heads, unknown cam, HEI, dual plane Edelbrock, 350TH, Holley Street Avenger 570. I have been working with an Innovate LM2, and tuning on this carb for some time: I have swapped out the primary metering block for a Proform with adjustable IFR & PVCR I have...
  7. carburetor Question

    Hi Folks, I hope everyone is doing well. I'm in need of some advice...I have a 69 Camaro with a 350 and I'm swapping out the Qjet Carb for a 650 Holley that is supposed to be an easy replacement. During the swap I ran into an issue with the throttle linkage. My original linkage won't match up...
  8. Looking for a new Carburetor...Any suggestions? Help!

    I am currently trying to get my 68'RS running properly and I need a new carb but I'm not sure where to start. I currently have an old Carter 625cfm clone and I don't think trying to refurbish it would be worth it. I also looked at the 650 Rochester Quatrajet and have heard a lot of people say...
  9. Holley 4777 vs. 6210

    I'm going to be running Vortec heads and intake. Looking at the Holley 4777 and the 6210. Aside from the 4777 being squarebore and dual feed, what differences can I expect between the two? I'm guessing the single feed would have better MPGs? The 6210 is more $ than the 4777, when purchased...
  10. Need new carb advice! (pics & vid)

    Hey folks, It's been a few years since I've posted here and I need a little help. I had been having problems with my Holley 625cfm with vac secondaries and it left me stranded on the side of the road the other night with what I think was a stuck float. Gas was absolutely pouring into the...
  11. Holley Commander 950 SBC EFI

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    Im putting a LS1 in my Camaro so Im selling my EFI system. This is the narrow band version. I had it in my car for some time but never really got a chance to put a lot of miles on it. Im going to say less than 100 miles. I am going to include a electronic distributor that will allow the...
  12. Holley 800cfm 4150 Double Pumper - 439.99 Shipped (Aug 22nd-23rd)

    This Saturday and Sunday (Aug 22nd - 23rd) Holley p/n 0-4780c 800cfm 4150 Carb - 439.99 Shipped (48 states) Limited to in-stock carbs.
  13. Correct Holley Date Code for Build

    Restoration Corner
    I'm restoring my '69 Camaro Z/28 (Garnet Red, Ralley Sport, Endura, Black Vinyl Top, Deluxe Black Interior w/ Fold Down Rear Seat). My Ol' Z has a 09C Build Date (September 19th, 1969 to be precise). Unfortunately, the original Holley 4053 went away way back in 1974 (or so). The CARBURETOR ASM...
  14. Holley 600 Changed Jets runing rich

    I was running my 68 Camaro V8 350 with Holly 600 at hi alltitude (5500 ft) and it was using 63 size jets. I am now back around see level (0 to 1000) feet. I noticed that on acceleration it was a little choppy so I changed back to the stock 66 jets. Earlier today my friend was following me and he...
  15. Holley Carburetors

    Holley Street Avenger p/n HLY0-81570 - 570 CFM Carburetor; Manual Choke - $300.00 Shipped p/n HLY0-81670 - 670 CFM Carburetor; Manual Choke - $310.00 Shipped p/n HLY0-81770 - 770 CFM Carburetor...
  16. Holley sight plugs thread size

    Does anyone know what the thread size is for a Holley fuel bowl sight plug? I found some cool glass plugs froma a scientifc/engineering supply company and was wondering if they have a size that'd fit.
  17. Holley fuel geyser

    HELP! I started the car for the first time in about a year and a half. After it started fuel shot about 3" straight up out of the vent tube (I assume that's what it is) at the rear of the carb. I couldn't believe my eyes. I shut it down, dried it off, put some light on the subject, started up...