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  1. Engine
    Hey all. Chevy 383 with Holley 750. This is a fairly recent issue, but when it warms up it starts to hesitate a little. Not making it undriveable by any means, but it's noticeable. Just replaced the spark plugs about a month ago and it was running great. You think that has anything to do with it?
  2. Transmission & Driveline
    I am having a overheating issue with my transmission. It's a 2004R level 3 from Bowtie Overdrives. When everything was running properly, the car was rediculously responsive and the trans temp never went above 140 (even under hard driving). The only time it would even get to 160 was in 100+...
  3. Engine
    I know there is a lot of topics already discussing this but cant find my particular situation so here it goes. I have a 67 Camaro with a 350, NEW starter, NEW plugs gaped at .45, and new 4 Barrel Carb. It starts just fine in the morning or when it has had a couple hours to cool off but if am...
  4. Fourth Generation
    I just bought a '95 (only a v-6 and AT), but it does great around town. Drove it on the highway for the first time yesterday. About 70 mph for 35 minutes and when I stopped at the first light, it didn't want to take off in 1st. A little patience and gas and it moved and shifted other gears fine...
1-4 of 4 Results