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  1. hotchkis control arm hits...

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Hotchkiss control arm # 1107-no motor, wheels off the ground, upper arm rubber bump stop correctly contacting frame. Control arm 1/16 " from control arm mount bracket see pic. can flip cross shaft gives me 3/8" clearness. if I need to add neg. camber there is little room. if the front end lifts...
  2. Hotchkis control arm stops. turning

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    67 Camaro hotchkis lower control arms.I have lock to lock just a little over 1.5 . there is a 3/4 inch stop on the control arm, should I grind it down to increase my lock to lock? Can't test drive yet for turning. motor is out, wheels off the ground, above three fingers tire to frame,12.7:1...
  3. '67 Coupe Refresh/Upgrade

    Build Projects
    Hi, My name is Grant and I have 2 Camaro’s, A ’67 and a ’69. The ’69 was just a factory V8 with the X11 option. It’s not a matching number car or anything. But I want to document my upgrade/freshen up of the ’67. There are a few mods I wan't to do/have to do before I can register it too. Like...
  4. Set your DVR's for this....

    Bench Racing
    We are excited to be featured on the first episode of the 2013 season of Two Guys Garage. The project car on the show is a really nice 69 Camaro that will give you a good look at what we build. The episode will air on SPEED channel at the follwing times: Saturday @ 10:30 AM EST Sunday @...
  5. Hotchkis springs, which way is up?

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    OK, I've searched, I've read the instructions, I've tried to figure out the "flat" side of the spring, and I still can't figure this out. One post from Hotchkis says, "the flat side is up, you are on the flat side when the spring doesn't lean." Mine lean on either side. Both sides seem...
  6. FS: Hotchkis BB lowering springs $125 shipped

    Forum Classifieds
    Used these a short time in 68 firebird w/400. Going LS and went with small block springs. Will have pics up later tonight. Scott 850 380-9500

    HOTCHKIS 1st Gen CAMARO HANDLE BARS: NASCAR CHASSIS TECHNOLOGY FOR YOUR F-BODY New Brace for 1967-69 F-Bodies Eliminates Flex, Improves Handling & Control Prevents changes in geometry, alignment, and tire contact patch Rigidly connects upper control arms to the cowl and...
  8. Hotchkis TVS Kits $1,150.00 Shipped (48 States)

    Hotchkis TVS Big Block or Small Block Systems - $1,150.00 Shipped (48 States). These dont stay in stock very long. Small Block Kit Big Block Kit I can also take Paypal. Just send me a email or pm me...
  9. Hotchkis Convertible Subframe Connectors - $302.00 Shipped

    Hotchkis Performance 1967-69 Camaro / Firebird Convertible Subframe Connectors p/n 4008 - just $302.00 Shipped (48 States) :) Limited to in-stock connectors. :beers: