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  1. IAC valve replacement

    Third Generation
    I have a 1991 Camaro z28 having issues starting, I replaced the IAC valve and it turn on once but after letting go of the gas it shut off on me, and sense then I have not been able to turn it back on. If I remove the IAC valve the car starts no problem with rough adle. I made sure to reset the...
  2. Rich idle

    Hey gents, I have a new crate 383 with a Holley 750. They set the carb at the factory base don their altitude which is about 2,000 feet higher. It's so rich that it burns my eyes if near an enclosed space and it gets in my clothes & beard. I've heard re-jetting it would work, or also changing...
  3. Quadrajet Choke Fast Idle adjustments?

    Once upon a time I knew how to adjust the choke and fast idle cam on a 1969 Rochester Quadrajet, with divorced choke but 30 years have left me foggy.... I recently installed a rebuilt 7029203 DY I purchased off a member here. It starts great in warm weather but the past two days the garage has...
  4. quadrajet running rich on one side

    Hi there.. had a well running qjet, installed airgap intake with adapter.. i messed up jets by drilling them out too big, so i put in 71's (stock: 72/40). Now the driver pipe is running rich on idle.. (true duals). i noted the base of the carb on the primary side, there are these channels that...
  5. Strange idle

    Hello gentlemen, I have a '94 with a 3.4. I had to drive my car a little hard Saturday night to get my wife to the hospital, its faster for us to drive ourselves than wait for the volunteers to show up out in the sticks. When I came home to get a shower and feed the dogs Sunday morning it was...
  6. Idle increases dramatically after engine warmup

    Background: 69 camaro. Recently inherited the car and have dove into it. Dropped in a new 4bolt main 350sbc instead of the 307, beefed up the stock powerglide, upgraded the mono leafs to multi leaf, changed the 10 bolt 8 inch rear to a 10 bolt 8.5 in with 3.73 gears and eaton posi. Dual exhaust...
  7. Please HELP!!!! I hate my car 89 Camaro overheatin wont start

    Camaro Tech
    i gotta 1989 camaro its a 305TBI i just bought it from my buddy in november.. i live in cleveland ohio its cold then the car drove good no problems in the cold.... i put it up till mid march n now its getting a lil warmer now here in april its acting up... i can come out start it up it starts...
  8. Idle erratic and variable

    Hello! 1995 Z-28, K&N, Borla, otherwise stock. Distributor, wires, and plugs replaced in last 18 months. Slowly (over a couple months) developed a higher and higher idle. Now when warm, idle will "stick" at 2K+, suddenly drop to normal, then climb back up OR SES light comes on. Codes EGR, 44...
  9. Hyfire 6A with a Mallory HEI Dist. - won't idle or stay running

    Specs: 5.7L V8 350...95-00...383 Stroker 4 Bolt Main Vortec Gen. 1 crate motor and "ZZ4" One piece rear seal Lunati Hyd. roller cam (478 intake/470 exhaust, 227/234 @0.50) 3.750 Eagle Crank 5.7 - 5140 I beam floated rod KB forged dish pistons plasma moly rings Clevite 77 bearings Melling True...
  10. WTB Idle Kicker

    Forum Classifieds
    Does anyone have or know where I can find an idle kicker for a first gen? Its a small electric actuator that mounts on the carb and kicks up the idle when the air conditioner is turned on. Thanks,