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  1. Big Block Looses Power

    I just bought a Camaro for a project car. It has a 454 with a new ignition module, coil, plugs, and wires. Ran ok with a few backfires thru the exhaust on my way home. About 50 miles in it started missing real bad. lost power and could barely get it home. When it is cold, it runs ok with a miss...
  2. 1969 Camaro Ignition Cylinder

    Camaro Tech
    Hey guys, I'm needing some help here. My 1969 X44 never had an ignition switch so this is the first that I have installed in the car. It just doesn't seem right & I'm not sure if something is messed up in the column. Can you take a look @ the attachments & see if the cylinder assembly is...
  3. 68 Camaro cranks but won't start

    Electrical & Wiring
    Hey guys, I just got my SS Restomod last month. It has a restored 350ci 4 speed. I only take the car out when the weather is nice (1-2 a week). I had zero issues when starting the car until today. I took the car out, went to the gym then lunch all good. I left to get coffee and stopped on the...
  4. 1968 Ignition Switch Pigtail Connector?

    Electrical & Wiring
    Seems my ignition switch connector was hacked apart by the PO. It also appears there are none available for 68 7-pin wire setup but they do sell the 5-pin 67 connector in a few places. I tried all the automotive wiring companies like AAW but they won't budge on a selling just the '68 connector...
  5. ABL Lighting- Which Fuse?

    Electrical & Wiring
    Hi, I recently installed RGB LED lighting under the dash. Used an LED Controller as usual. Still working out some kinks with connectivity, could be a faulty connection on the strip. However, my real problem is finding a fuse in the driver's side fuse box that cuts the power when the car is off...
  6. What MSD distributor do I have?

    Electrical & Wiring
    Hi, Have been asking questions about this in another thread but to make it more correct I will do it here. I have imported a Camaro -67 to Sweden where the PO has installed a MSD6A box, MSD distributor and a MSD Blaster 2 ignition coil as shown in my other thread...
  7. Remove MSD ignition box

    Electrical & Wiring
    Hi, I have a MSD 6A ignition in my -67 Camaro. It has a 327ci/210HP engine modified with an Edelbrock Performer intake, 4-bbl Rochester QuadraJet, Hooker headers and a 2.5" Magnaflow exhaust system as the only modifications as far as I know. Have read that a MSD ignition is not needed on an...
  8. Strange idle

    Hello gentlemen, I have a '94 with a 3.4. I had to drive my car a little hard Saturday night to get my wife to the hospital, its faster for us to drive ourselves than wait for the volunteers to show up out in the sticks. When I came home to get a shower and feed the dogs Sunday morning it was...
  9. Procomp Module

    Electrical & Wiring
    Good morning, ProComp has a 4-pin circuit board type module that replaces the standard 4-pin module. The part number is PC6040. This is similar to the MSD only it does not have the built in rev limiter and is less than half the price. Does anyone on the sight have any experience with or opinion...
  10. ignition wiring

    Electrical & Wiring
    does anyone have a diagram of how the ignition is supposed to be wired?
  11. 76 ignition help

    Camaro Tech
    So I bought a new ignition lock for my car and im trying to get the old one out I couldnt find a specific forum for this well I was told my steering column was a firebird I whatched videos and the black screw that hold the cylinder lock there isnt one so idk what to do please I need ideas
  12. MSD Street Fire HEI Distributor - $120.00 Shipped (48 U. S. States)

    MSD Street Fire HEI Distributor P/N 8362 $120.00 Shipped (48 U.S. States)
  13. Misfires

    Hey all, I own a 75 2BBL 350. As of late, whenever I have tried any sudden acceleration from stop (not even talking burnout) and even sometimes in a damp morning before its warmed up, I'll get some annoying and painful misfires. Lately, it's gotten dramatically worse. Any kind of normal...
  14. Hyfire 6A with a Mallory HEI Dist. - won't idle or stay running

    Specs: 5.7L V8 350...95-00...383 Stroker 4 Bolt Main Vortec Gen. 1 crate motor and "ZZ4" One piece rear seal Lunati Hyd. roller cam (478 intake/470 exhaust, 227/234 @0.50) 3.750 Eagle Crank 5.7 - 5140 I beam floated rod KB forged dish pistons plasma moly rings Clevite 77 bearings Melling True...
  15. can some buddy help me with my camaro"s ignition

    Electrical & Wiring
    hi i got a 1986 camaro z28 305 tpi with t-tops and it was runing great but one day i parked it and the next day there was no power no lites on the dash no radio no noting but the int. lites work and the head lites work and the horn works too but the power locks make a clicking sond...
  16. cylinder lock

    Camaro Tech
    i have been working on my '75 camaro for a little while now and when i had it towed to my mechanic's for work my one and only key to it got lost along the way. i figure the only way to fix this problem is to replace the cylinder lock and use a new key and while attempting this i hit a new...
  17. Car Starts, but not through ignition

    Electrical & Wiring
    Hello, I a new owner to a 67' camaro and am trying to work some of the initial bugs out of it. So here is the history of this gremlin, hope someone can help me. The car will not start by the key ignition inside as normal, but will from a remote starter hooked to the solenoid. I initially got...
  18. More help needed wiring ignition switch/solenoid/starter etc.

    Electrical & Wiring
    Well, I'm finally almost ready to hear my new 383 run in my convertible for the first time. I just need to sort out some wiring issues. A few months ago, with the help from others on this forum (thanks again), I came up with the schematic below. So in theory, this should work out safely, but...