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  1. OER Dash Carrier Mystery?

    My OER dash carrier for my '69 does not have holes to mount the top of the lenses for the speedometer and tach. I have been told by Classic Industries Tech Support that this is the was that they come. Also that you are supposed to somehow remove the machine screw insert out of the old dash...
  2. Tablet Radio Install

    Fourth Generation
    Hey ya'll, I haven't been on much but I am a big fan of DIY posts. I have seen others install tablets in their cars/Camaros but I have only seen threads/pictures of it. I did the install on my 2002 Camaro about a year ago and finally had the time to sit down and edit the video. It's pretty cool...
  3. Help installing transmission

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hello all, I tried for 3 hours last night to install my muncie but I could not figure it out. I got it within a half an inch two times using a transmission jack but could not find the pilot bushing hole. When you are using an alignment tool should it go in and out with the clutch released? I can...
  4. 1959-1960 Impala kit video series and other news

    American Auto Wire
    In this video series that coincided with the release of our 1959-1960 Impala Classic Update kit, Don Bock chronicles the installation of the kit in a 1960 Bel Air. The fifth episode premiered Monday, check them all out! In other news, American Autowire recently released our new 1970 Mustang...
  5. Replacing Trunk Pan Help!

    Body Shop
    I'm about to replace the center section of my trunk pan and was wondering if yall had any helpful advise or could tell me any problems that I might run into. I've read about the full trunk pan install but haven't seen many threads about just the center section install. Heres the trunk pan I...