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  1. LSx Swap
    Hello All, Perhaps this is a newbie question but I can’t find the answer on a internet search so I need to ask. I have an LS1 with a build up bottom end. I am wishing to put some aftermarket heads on it (probably AFR). My question is the bolt pattern the same as the factory heads for the...
  2. Engine
    Hi, this is my 1st time posting so please excuse any mistakes etc. I am looking for recommends on building some mild street performance to a stock 2 barrel 327 in my 1967 camaro base. It has a 2 speed power glide and 12 bolt. Also need to maintain vacuum for 4 wheel power disc brake booster...
  3. Bench Racing
    I have a 67 camaro looking to buy a big block power steering pump and brackets.all so looking for water pump and strter and intake for a quadra jet date coded b or c my car was biult th 4 week of april 67. 770-366-2475 if no answer please leave me a massage and i will get back with you asap...
  4. Engine
    Hi, I am going to replace the intake manifold gasket. Have bought a kit from MrGasket that contains the 2 gasket for each cylinder head face and the 2 rubber gaskets for the front and end surfaces. 327 engine. Intake manifold: older Edelbrock Performer 2101. Have a few questions about the...
  5. Engine
    There is a small amount of liquid that seems to build up on the intake manifold bolt, driver's side of the carb. Doesn't smell like gas, but not positive. Thoughts? It almost looks like it is coming up through the bolt threads of the intake manifold. Thanks for the help!!!!
  6. Forum Classifieds
    Need vortec valve covers, too! I'm open-minded about what kind of intake, but prefer one of these three: Edelbrock (RPM) 7116 Edelbrock Performer) 2116 Weiand (Action +Plus) 8121 Not crazy about polished finishes, but I might be interested for the right price. Thanks!
  7. Engine
    Hey guys tring to figure out if the new gen 6 zz 502 has flow through intake so the heat riser works properly. thanks
  8. Performance
    I have a 69 camaro and a 350 engine all stock and a 4 barrel quadrajet carb. A friend gave me an Edelbrock torker II intake manifold but I don't know if I should put it on or if I am better off with the original intake manifold. I don't plan to change the carb anytime soon. Also, another...
1-8 of 8 Results