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  1. Forum Classifieds
    Better photos coming soon. 400 obo OR Trade for a Stewart Warner 977 J Pedestal Tachometer with 990 B ignition monitor OR Partial Trade: Stewart Warner 2 5/8 Deluxe Black and White face Water temp 692 E (100 - 250 Degrees 270 Degree Sweep) Located In San Jose CA
  2. Engine
    On my epic quest hunting for the elusive coolant leak, I came across a small puddle of coolant in a pocket between the head and the intake. Please don't give me bad news.
  3. Third Generation
    I have a *block, it came out of a 91 suburban. I want to know what block it would be vortec or whatever. But the injectors went bad so instead of replacing them I just junked the whole system and put a performer intake on it and 600 cfm carb, of course I lost power, just want to know what cam...
  4. Performance
    I have a 89 Rs, mild sub frame, iv got a 350 I built in highschool in it and wanna build a 383, I have a 350 bolck out of a 72 blazer, iv got it bored .30 over and lost direction on where to go from there, I want between 400-450 hp, and still be able to run 92 pump gas. Iv done research an wanna...
  5. Forum Classifieds
    In my never ending wishy-washiness, I've decided I'm not going to do the Vortec set up I was planning. Here's a link to my CL ad. As it says, I'll take $499 for everything. Hoping to find a local TCer to sell to and would prefer not to ship...
  6. Forum Classifieds
    Factory Aluminum intake...old style like 67 and 68 Camaro with oil fill tube and "S" oil cap. No casting numbers...someone grinded them off smooth. The intake came on a 1962 Chevy 327 that I rebuilt and changed intakes. $50 plus shipping from Kentucky.
  7. Forum Classifieds
    Need vortec valve covers, too! I'm open-minded about what kind of intake, but prefer one of these three: Edelbrock (RPM) 7116 Edelbrock Performer) 2116 Weiand (Action +Plus) 8121 Not crazy about polished finishes, but I might be interested for the right price. Thanks!
  8. Engine
    I'm getting closer and closer to pulling the trigger on some Vortec heads, but trying to do as much homework as possible first, i.e., pricing everything. Anyone running this intake, or have any info on it? I'm considering it over Edlebrock intake in order to keep my costs down... Was looking...
  9. Engine
    I searched TC site here, but never found a thread actually talking about the snowflake itself. Topic: Snowflake design, placement, and impression depth:: I am seeing differences in the actual snowflake marking, and hoping you guys can shed some light. Maybe the foundry changed their die...
1-9 of 9 Results