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  1. Rattling and squeaks from the rear

    It's not always there. I hear it loud, when driving on uneven surface, and sometimes at idle. It sounds like it's coming from behind the rear interior quarter trim (passenger side). Noise is from the inside, not outside. I checked everything, but can't figure out where it's coming from. It's...
  2. Correct headliner for 68 base model with standard interior?

    Ive search and search and cant find a clear answer so reaching out to the forums. 68 Camaro Base model Standard interior Black interior I see two on Classic Industries but its not clear which one to get: 1968 Camaro Parts | K12001 | 1967-69 Camaro / Firebird Black Non-Perforated premier...
  3. 'Special' Heater Backing Plate for '81 Camaro?

    Heating & Cooling
    Hey everyone... Ill give you the full story. So the heater core bit the dust about a month or 2 ago, puking coolant all over the passenger floor carpet... I replaced it. But a week later the blower motor started clicking at any speed other than high. I thought it was something maybe in the...
  4. DIY interior thread

    Camaro Tech
    Hello all, I bought a 1968 Camaro SS 350 v8 restomod and was hoping to work on it myself as much as I can. I do not have much experience in doing installs. I normally have shops do the work since I had one car and couldn't risk dissembling parts and not being able to put it back together. Now...
  5. 67 Parchment Deluxe interior/TMI seats

    I am trying to match my new TMI sport seats with my 67 Camaro Parchment Deluxe interior. I having trouble with the seats matching side panels and door panels at this point. I got a set of rear side panel covers from Cars INC, which are PUI and they are way too dark in relation to the seats...
  6. Al Knoch, Recommended.

    I just thought I would put this up here, for anyone considering new interior parts for their Camaro. I needed a full interior kit and was recommended Al Knoch interiors, I am glad I followed my friends advice, these guys have been great to deal with, I have been super fussy and they have sent me...
  7. need help finding a driver seat

    I have a 2000 Camaro my driver seat broke..i need a cloth or leather driver side seat that is manual..what all years or other type of cars will fit this having no luck online or other pull a part yards..thanks
  8. 1967 console clock internal wiring.

    Camaro Tech
    One of the coils in my clock has burned open. I miked the wire and I get .011 inches. Roughly a gauge 30 magnet wire. My problem is when the coil smoked it burned away the connection so I'm not sure where to attach it. The great video on the forum is unfortunately for the small console clock in...
  9. '69 Camaro TMI Sport R Front Seats w/ matching Console

    Forum Classifieds
    I've got this set-up in as new condition. I am going in a different direction with my interior and this set up needs a new home. It's only a few months old - installed by TMI themselves at their Corona manufacturing facility. I get TONS of comments on the interior...people just love Houndstooth...
  10. Original Interior Question

    Restoration Corner
    I have a 68 Camaro with a standard interior. The car has 135K original miles and I am the third owner. Have had the car about 10 years. The interior is 100% original. My question is should I do anything to fix up the interior. It is in good shape and cleans up well. So should I fix any of...
  11. My door panels - from where?

    I did get new door panels when I bought the car. They should have been delivered with the car when it was imported to Sweden in 2011 so they is probably bought in US. Since I live in Sweden all I can do is to check the webpages for those aftermarket companies I do know exist - Classic Industries...
  12. Rear seat bottom install help!!

    Hey guys - Getting close to finishing up a complete interior in my '69 Z. Black/White Houndstooth. I'm having a heck of a time reattaching the lower seat cushion to the clips underneath. I can get it to within 1.5" or so but no further. I feel around between the two pieces and I do not feel...
  13. 94 camaro interior help??

    Fourth Generation
    okay so the guy that had this before me really rigged this thing up..he put carpet in covering the dash and took out all the trunk interior so its just bare metal.and the thing that is supposed to be behind the back seats is gone so you can see clear into the trunk space. was wondering where i...
  14. Headliner trim

    Anyone have pictures of the trim for the headliner in the front. I have the trim and the headliner is stretched and ready for gluing but i wanted to make sure i know how it all goes back together and can't figure out how the front peice of edging goes on. Its a 68 coupe with bow headliner...
  15. 67 versus 68 A pillar covers

    Hi, What are the differences between the A pillar covers for a 67 versus a 68? Can 68 covers be used in a 67, and if so will anything else need to be changed (dash pad, etc.)? I have a 67 and I would like install the Anvil CF A pillar covers w/ gauge pods. These are for a 68 but from the...
  16. Where to begin?

    Hey guys. So, my Dad and I have a '67 Camaro that is going to be our summer project. Our next step, after we put a TKO-500 in,is going to be the interior, the only problem is, I don't really know where to start. I would like to put in new front seats(Back seat is original and in perfect...
  17. 67 Rear floor mat

    What's it worth?
    In the works to re do my entire interior. Not going to be original. I have the original (black) floor mats for my 67 including the rear one that is long one piece and goes over the tranny hump. It's in pretty good shape and still has Camaro emblem in the center. I haven't found anyone that sells...
  18. What is this interior hole for (69 coupe)

    I removed my headliner and sail panels and see this hole with what looks like mounting tabs for something (Inside yellow circle): Closeup: Just wondering what it might be for. Extra dome lights or speakers maybe?
  19. 68 windlaces on 67?

    I'm in the process of putting the interior back in my 67 coupe and had a question about the windlaces. I'm not doing a "pure" restoration and I was wondering if there was any reason I couldn't use the one piece 68 windlaces in place of the two piece original units. It just seems like a cleaner...
  20. Paint codes needed for a 1968 SS... Grill, interior dash, etc.

    Body Shop
    I have done a site search for paint codes and I think I found the interior paint codes for the dash. I have a black interior and the 1968 chevrolet interior color page I found says it is Ditzler 9266. Questions: Interior Is low gloss 30%? It is used for the face of the dash right? The manual...