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iroc z28

  1. New to the Camaro team, need help identifying what my car is

    Third Generation
    Being and impulse buyer sometimes gets me in trouble. i finally bought an 87 iroc z28 or so i thought. after i purchased it i starting doin more research about the different package options. i know what i have is a z28 by the z28 decal. there is no iroc decal on the doors. i just check the vin...
  2. 87 Iroc Z 28 refuses to pass CA Smog (Hi NO)

    would love help! 87 iroq w/305 engine. Replaced EGR valve, EGR solenoid, knock sensor, wires, plugs, rotor cap, spark ignitor, TPS (throttle positioning sensor), TSU (temp sending unit). Second smog test gives Fail for NO of 916 ppm (max 772) @15 mph but passes with 628ppm at 25mph. Have run 2...
  3. 87 iroc w/mass air sensor problems?

    :confused:i have an 87 iroc with a 350 tpi. it all of the sudden started running rough and stalling out on me. It eventually wouldn't even start. It spit code 33 (mass air) so i replaced the mass air, and it still did nothing. I can unplug the mass air, and it will start right up, eventually...
  4. overheating problem.. kind of

    Heating & Cooling
    so i gotta 87 iroc z28 camero. first day i drive it, it starts smoking and trying to overheat. i replaced the temperature sensor and fixed the fan that wasn't working. the temperature gauge has to be broken because it only reads a little bit over 100 degrees. i baught a radiator cap with a temp...