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  1. New Member Introductions
    Howdy to all. I am your typical middle aged guy who wants to breath life back into a car he has held on to for years. I have a 1989 Iroc Z28 with the 305, 5 speed and T-tops. Of course raising a family and feeding my desire for horsepower ain't always financially possible, the old girl has had...
  2. Performance
    I want to purchase a third gen iroc-z and I want to know what to do to make it run well and sound good. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  3. Engine
    Have situ with choke indicator light staying on even after car is warm. Choke stays engaged. What systems cause the choke to go on so I can try to back out the problem. Ideas for tracking down cause? Many thanks
  4. Camaro Tech
    Iv'e got the 1986 IROC Camaro and need to get it tagged and inspected. It has a 350 L98 motor that is normally in an 89 firebird. The camaro is supposed to have 305 TPI/TBI motors or 350 fuel injected engines but this one is 350 with a carb. I need to know what to do to fix this problem if it is...
  5. Third Generation
    Hi, I recently purchased an 89 IROC 305 TBI... and I am switching to carb. I know all of the opinions on why this is not the best move, but I really enjoy older-fashioned set-ups, and I am in no way concerned with fuel economy, and as far as emissions goes, this is more of a project car than a...
1-5 of 5 Results