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  1. Body Shop
    1967 Camaro Convertible here. I'm trying to build a body cart/jig and I want to double check that I'm using the correct distance from the datum line to the firewall jig hole. I was checking the body cart plans posted here on this site - and its a fantastic cart. However, it appears that they...
  2. Build Projects
    What is the best method for getting an F Body onto the jig? I am starting a 69 convertible project and will be building the body jig shortly that is referenced so many times. I have searched threads but I haven't found the definitive best way to place the body shell onto the jig. Thanks!! BTW -...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi Can anyone tell me where I can buy a cart to restore my 69. I own a body shop in the bay area and I am building a pro touring car. I need to replace a qt panel and the trunk floor. It is also getting mini tubed. would it be better to buy one or make one. I would also like to use it for...
  4. Body Shop
    So I have only been here a short while, but one of the questions that I have had, and the one that people have asked on here is: How do I build a body cart/jig? Well there is a multitude of information available, however, I thought I would start a thread where everybody can post pics and...
1-4 of 4 Results