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  1. Body Shop
    So the body shop lost my drivers side door cylinder. Of course I can buy a kit with new door cylinders and the ignition cylinder but is there another option? Is there any way to get a new or used cylinder and have it matched to the other two? Any help is appreciated. Thanks : )
  2. Electrical & Wiring
    67 Camaro with a 350. I have little experience with older cars and wiring in general, but i've managed to get all the wiring in for my Camaro ( it is not new wiring ). I have power to the fuse block, and the accessories I have in do get power ( tail lights, blower motor ) when I have the key...
  3. Second Generation
    Hi i had a few ?s. One is were could i get manuels for rebuilding a 77 camaro. Im geting one with 50% of the parts and need to know how to reinstal them if i forget how i took em out, and how i put the new ones in. And on rebuilding the trans and motor. Also i want to find somewere that sells...
  4. Fourth Generation
    is there any way to open my trunk from inside the car? i just got a 95 camaro yesterday and there isnt a lock key. ...thx ...zimmmy
  5. Camaro Tech
    i have been working on my '75 camaro for a little while now and when i had it towed to my mechanic's for work my one and only key to it got lost along the way. i figure the only way to fix this problem is to replace the cylinder lock and use a new key and while attempting this i hit a new...
1-5 of 5 Results