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  1. Engine
    Hey Cam Heads, I finally got around to prepping my engine for paint and pulled the balancer and found that the crank key had broken on my 383. Eagle steel crank. I believe this happen some time ago when I was trying to turn the engine over by hand, "locking" it in place to perform tests, and...
  2. Body Shop
    So the body shop lost my drivers side door cylinder. Of course I can buy a kit with new door cylinders and the ignition cylinder but is there another option? Is there any way to get a new or used cylinder and have it matched to the other two? Any help is appreciated. Thanks : )
  3. Electrical & Wiring
    67 Camaro with a 350. I have little experience with older cars and wiring in general, but i've managed to get all the wiring in for my Camaro ( it is not new wiring ). I have power to the fuse block, and the accessories I have in do get power ( tail lights, blower motor ) when I have the key...
  4. Second Generation
    Hi i had a few ?s. One is were could i get manuels for rebuilding a 77 camaro. Im geting one with 50% of the parts and need to know how to reinstal them if i forget how i took em out, and how i put the new ones in. And on rebuilding the trans and motor. Also i want to find somewere that sells...
  5. Fourth Generation
    is there any way to open my trunk from inside the car? i just got a 95 camaro yesterday and there isnt a lock key. ...thx ...zimmmy
  6. Camaro Tech
    i have been working on my '75 camaro for a little while now and when i had it towed to my mechanic's for work my one and only key to it got lost along the way. i figure the only way to fix this problem is to replace the cylinder lock and use a new key and while attempting this i hit a new...
1-6 of 6 Results