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  1. vacuum line/hose replacement kit??

    Third Generation
    I'm looking to replace most of the vacuum lines/hoses/tubes on my 91 Camaro Z28 does anyone know if there's a kit that includes all the difference sizes. I'm having a hard time getting hose specs. Only label I was able to find was "5/32 GM6148M" Are all the lines the same size? thanks
  2. What is going on??

    On my epic quest hunting for the elusive coolant leak, I came across a small puddle of coolant in a pocket between the head and the intake. Please don't give me bad news.
  3. Radiator Hose Leak

    Heating & Cooling
    So.....hey guys. I feel kinda like a dummy for needing to ask about this but I can't seem to keep coolant off the ground. I had a leak so I decided to change the lower hose and upper hose, plus they were old and needed replacement. I changed them and used some of those worm gear clamps, but I'm...
  4. Universal radiator hoses?

    Hey guys, I've got some hoses that need changing due to age and leaking. I can't seem to find any that fit at my local auto part store, but I remember seeing some universal ones on a couple cars here and there. They may work for the upper but what about the lower? The current lower I have has a...
  5. Rebuilt MC Caution - Always bench bleed

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Be careful if you purchase a NOS rebuilt master cylinder from Heartbeat City. I just attempted to bench bleed one I bought for my '69 late last year (been busy.) Before I could attach brake hoses fluid was leaking out the bore. Both reservoirs were drained in about 15 minutes... Glad i didn't...
  6. Rubber Fuel Line Replacement

    Hi everyone I filled up my tank and after a 15 minute drive around the neighborhood, I noticed some gas leaking under the tank when I got back into the garage. Upon further inspection, I can see gas on the outside of the rubber fuel line (between tank and line) on the lip of the tank. Can I...
  7. Water leak after Sepentine belt, tensioner and pulley were replaced

    Heating & Cooling
    I have a 2001 camaro which I had to have the serpentine belt replaced it was fraying along with the tensioner and idler pulley. The work was done, now, there is massive amounts of water gushing out behind the serpentine belt. Could there have been damage done with the repairs, or can you tell...
  8. Rear main leak...need help

    I am looking for something I was told about but the person didn't know what it was called. This is a temporary solution until I am willing to pay to have my rear main fixed. It is a sticky, absorbant pad that sticks to the bottom of the oil pan/trans pan that will soak up drips/leaks so it...
  9. Coolant Leak

    Heating & Cooling
    Hey all! I have a 93 Camaro 3.4L V6.Its an old car but runs o.k.The issue of the week is its leaking coolant from behind the oil pan.I know this because when i pour some in i get on the ground and look under the car and yup there it comes just gushing out.Its in front of the oilpan and between...
  10. Radiator leaking from cap.

    Heating & Cooling
    So I got my 75 with AC back from the body shop and these guys did one sorry job. I've been doing nothing but fixing mistakes since I got it back, I should have just done it all to begin with and saved myself the two months. Well they installed a "new" radiator. Anyway after driving it for a...
  11. TH400 Leaking

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hey all, I have been battling a tranny leak for a couple years now. The fluid seems to be coming from the front passenger side of the pan. I have a TCI aluminum deep pan. I can't tell if it is leaking somewhere else and running down the pan or if that is where the leak is originating. I have...