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  1. Master cylinder repair

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Hi, I have a drum/drum master cylinder on my -67 Camaro. I have had a small leak in the outlet port to the front brakes. When I pulled it of I noticed that the brass seat inside the outlet port is damaged. Can the brass seat be replaced? I am aware of that the MC is old but the inside has been...
  2. Leakage from carburator

    Hi, I have a Rochester Quadrajet carburator. The screws for the top cover has to be tightened each week or so. When the screws comes loose gasoline leaks from the carb. If I dont tighten the screws the leak will cause the engine to stop. It is annoying, embarrassing and dangerous. Anyone who...
  3. Can't get rear wheel cylinder to stop leaking

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    At wit's end. My passenger rear wheel cylinder leaks at the fitting to wheel cylinder. The line is a new stainless steel. Here is what I have tried: New wheel cylinder (cheapo from auto parts store, all they had) Another new wheel cylinder (same brand) Re-flared the tubing Re-built the...