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  1. 1968 Camaro SS LS2 Swap

    LSx Swap
    I've had my 68 SS Restomod for 2 years now. It was restored by someone and then sold it to a dealership in Long Island, where I then purchased from. The dealership did not know all the details and work that was done to the car, I also have little knowledge on classic muscles (my first...
  2. 1968 Convertible LS Restomod

    Build Projects
    Here is the plan for our 1968 Camaro that we affectionately refer to as “Lil’ Red”. She has never been restored and is in need of some refreshing. I contemplated long and hard about which direction to go with her….(1) restore her with her original 327 / 210 hp engine and powerglide or (2) go...
  3. New from Houston Texas

    New Member Introductions
    Hello All, My Camaro is a 1968 convertible 327 / 210 hp that my father bought new. It was affectionately known to our friends and family as “Lil’ Red”. I have very fond memories of family cruises to watch fireworks on the 4th of July, drive-in movies and trips to Sonic for cherry limeades...
  4. 68 camaro lq9 build up help

    Always been a ford guy with my last being a 69 fastback. Figured I'd make my jump to Chevy a fun one. I scored a 68 camaro which is currently getting new sheet metal. The car is a rolling chassis/ shell and have already installed a currie wirh posi rear end. My goal is a fun daily driver very...