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  1. The Vengeance Camaro (Insane. Insane. Insane)

    Bench Racing
    Has anyone seen this? Its ridiculous! Mad Max meets Pro-Touring.
  2. C3 rear end conversion

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Has anyone done a C3 corvette rear end conversion on a 1970 Camaro? Any photos of the build?
  3. From 4 Spd 68SS to LS6 and T56 Swap - Need Help

    Camaro Tech
    Hello all. I have a Factory 68 SS 4 Speed that I want to put an LS6/T56 into with a .488 Gear. I need to know about motor mounts, Tranny Mounts, Where the hole might go for the new linkages, etc. The T56 linkage is significantly further back than the Factory Linkage. With a .488 what would...
  4. Ryan's official LQ4 into a 1968 Camaro Swap Thread.

    EFI in your modern Classic
    I live in a condo in downtown Miami. Here is the view: I am fortunate enough to have a 1968 Camaro. I purchased the camaro for $2000 in the summer of 2001, when I was in college. It had a blown engine and a powerglide transmission. The upholstery was shot. It had a nice krylon paint job. I...
  5. 5.3 LS truck motor

    EFI in your modern Classic
    I was down at a few local junk yards two weeks ago looking for a small plastic piece for my truck. At every yard I was at, I asked how much for one of the 5.3 motors. My truck is in the 151000+ range now, and I'm not an easy guy on the gas. At every yard I was told $500. This seems like a good...
  6. LS1 Parking Brake work with C5 rear rotors?

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Was at the junkyard and saw a set of LS1 rear brakes. Does anyone know if the parking brake from the LS1 can work with the C5 rear rotors and calipers?
  7. Basics of converting the LS1 harness (99-04 engine) 99-02 PCM

    EFI in your modern Classic
    About the LS1 F-Body (98-04 engines are all compatible with the 99-02 harness). There are obviously differences between the engines though. If acquiring one look for an 02-04 engine it was the last revision before end or production. **I do have some 03-04 harness info I could dig out of...
  8. 3800 series 2 engines

    i was wondering (before i start yes its a 3.8L, and yes its missing two cylendars, BUT the way my engine is configured <by previous owner> it hauls *** plus im in high school so factor in mpg's and major tickets) anyway, i was wondering if anyone knew the difference in acceleration and power...
  9. camaro_ls1engine