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  1. Getting the motor lower?

    LSx Swap
    67 Camaro, Stock sub frame, LSX with T56 magnum trans, Dirty Dingo sliders. My motor is at a - 6 degree angle, the tranny is as high as it can go without modifying the tunnel, I have a bunch of room under my oil pan (Mast unit) so I would like to lower the front of the motor down. Frame mounts...
  2. Individual Component Parts are now Available on the HDC Website

    Not looking for a complete Tremec TKO or T-56 Magnum Transmission conversion kit? No problem. Individual component parts are now available for sale on the Hurst Driveline Conversions website. If you need assistance locating or selecting the correct parts for your build, try our NEW Kit...
  3. LQ4 to 69 camaro swap parts list

    Hey Everyone I thought I would share this list in the hopes that it helps others in this forum. I had a 69 Camaro with a non-stock 307 and powerglide, both were very worn out. I swapped in a LQ4, I did not even crack open the engine, except for topping it off with a carb, I just left it stock...
  4. Basics of converting the LS1 harness (99-04 engine) 99-02 PCM

    EFI in your modern Classic
    About the LS1 F-Body (98-04 engines are all compatible with the 99-02 harness). There are obviously differences between the engines though. If acquiring one look for an 02-04 engine it was the last revision before end or production. **I do have some 03-04 harness info I could dig out of...