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  1. 69 DZ302/M22/4.56 Gears....Thinking of Gearvendors???? Input????

    Camaro Tech
    Hi, January 2019 I bought a 69 Z28 with a Rock Crusher tranny, Headers & a 4.56 Gear. I never really thought I would own a first gen, I was just too picky, but this was what I would have wanted. It is not a creampuff, but it could be. I like the combination of the tranny & 4.56, it goes pretty...
  2. Muncie Identification

    Transmission & Driveline
    I recently acquired this Muncie and was wondering if someone could help identify if it is an M-20, -21, or -22. The fellow I bought it from got it for free years ago. He never installed it in anything and believes it to be a 1968 M-21, though he isn't totally sure. Can anyone help identify if...