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  1. 69 DZ302/M22/4.56 Gears....Thinking of Gearvendors???? Input????

    Camaro Tech
    Hi, January 2019 I bought a 69 Z28 with a Rock Crusher tranny, Headers & a 4.56 Gear. I never really thought I would own a first gen, I was just too picky, but this was what I would have wanted. It is not a creampuff, but it could be. I like the combination of the tranny & 4.56, it goes pretty...
  2. Car shaking with hard acceleration

    Hi everyone, A few years back I had a problem of when I would accelerate, the whole car would shake pretty violently. Subsequently my transmisson blew and it sat for a while. I recently put in a new transmission (M22W) and a new clutch disc (Centerforce Dual Friction). When I take off...
  3. Hello from Kansas City

    New Member Introductions
    I just recently joined this site and am still getting familiar with how to navigate. As I get more comfortable and up to speed, I look forward to participating more. I'm retired with two 67 camaros so I have plenty of time to play with them and to work on them. My only real limiting factor is...
  4. could '67 RS/SS396-375 have m22 optioned?

    Tag Team
    As the title states, I've been trying to figure out if the '67 396/375hp camaros had the m22 muncie trans as an option. My confusion comes from a discrepency on CRG. On it makes it sound like the m22 was available to the solid lifter engines (i.e. the...