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  1. Electrical & Wiring
    Hey My Camaro '67 - 327 starts, but dies when key goes back to drive position. When I feed the distributer (Mallory HEI) directly from the battery, the car keeps running. I changed the ignition switch, but it didn't help. Although, the first time it was running for 30 seconds. Anyone has a good...
  2. Electrical & Wiring
    I have an 85 Series Mallory HEI wired to a HyFire 6A box. I'm adjusting the vacuum advance using an allen wrench inserted into the nipple on the vacuum module. Is there a good rule of thumb to use when doing this? Like, 3 turns counter clockwise from fully tightened or is it just major trial and...
  3. Troubleshooting
    Specs: 5.7L V8 350...95-00...383 Stroker 4 Bolt Main Vortec Gen. 1 crate motor and "ZZ4" One piece rear seal Lunati Hyd. roller cam (478 intake/470 exhaust, 227/234 @0.50) 3.750 Eagle Crank 5.7 - 5140 I beam floated rod KB forged dish pistons plasma moly rings Clevite 77 bearings Melling True...
1-3 of 3 Results