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  1. Exhaust and Headers
    has anyone tried the new Hooker exhaust manifolds on a first gen? been looking into them lately to pair with the 327 i’m putting in my 67. their site states they won’t work with a first gen f-body, but they look exactly the same as an original set of manifolds and their tech line can’t give me a...
  2. Engine
    Hi, I have an oil leak somewhere. Could it be the bolt above the oil that is the culprit? Do I have to remove the manifold and replace the gasket to get it sealed? As you maybe can see there is also oil on the T-stat housing but it might be the fan that blows the oil on that... Rgds/Mikael
  3. Engine
    Hello ,i have a 1967 327 RallySport center column shifter with power brakes/steering, and A/C, i need to know if there are any Headers i could buy that would fit with my stock A/C. The problem is is that the bracket i have now is going strait into the exhaust manifold. I want to know if there...
  4. Restoration Corner
    I bought a 1969 Z28 that has numbers matching engine and tranny. One item that seems not to be correct is RH Exhaust manifold which is 3943826. Any idea what this came off of and where I can find a 3946826?
  5. Restoration Corner
    Has anyone used Calyx manifold dressing on other cast parts (master cylinder, brake calipers, sway bar, drag link, tie rods etc.)? Or do you need the heat cycle on the exhaust manifold to set it?
  6. Engine
    I am looking for driver's side exhaust manifold for my 1968 Camaro convertible 396/325HP. I have found 3909878 with a 1967 date code that was removed from a 1969 Chevelle that had a 396/325 engine. 'Chevrolet by the number" book shows 3909879 as correct part number for LH driver's side for 68...
1-6 of 6 Results