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  1. The Breeze 1969 convertible project

    Build Projects
    Hello All, I like the idea of the "build project" threads, so here goes... "The Breeze" rolled off the Norwood line in June of 1969, as a Rally Sport V-8 (c.i.d. unknown), manual floor shift car (trans unkown) in LeMans blue, with a standard black interior and a white power top. The next 11...
  2. Pure Stock races in a week!

    Bench Racing
    Anyone planning on going to MI? It's the best muscle car show there is. You'll find: AMCs (plenty!) Buicks Chevrolets Corvettes Chryslers (yep, we've had a 300-F in the past!) Dodges Fords Mercurys Oldsmobiles Pontiacs Plymouths Shelbys Studebakers (plenty!) Doesn't that sound like a cool...