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  1. WTB Coupe 67 Interior mirror bracket and boot

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    Hi all, I am looking for a good user quality interior rear view mirror bracket and plastic boot, I don't need the actual mirror, nothing wrong with mine but I seem to have a convertible bracket and my car is a Coupe. I got the car and a box of bits that supposedly came off the car but...
  2. For Sale: molding, arm rests, rearview mirror, 350 emblems

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    I have the bottom, driver's side molding, ($30) and the top piece of molding for the windshield. $25 Top piece is in great shape, but it's unwrapped. Also have the drip rail moldings for both driver and passenger side. I'm missing the two tiny pieces that connect the top and bottom pieces...
  3. Rear View Mirror Update Options

    I recently replaced the original 8" mirror in my '67 with a 10" model from Classic. I changed the brackets as well. Everything looks great, but the swivel/ball does not have enough tension to hold the mirror in place. I literally have to readjust the mirror every 5 minutes. I originally...
  4. Driver Door mirror

    Restoration Corner
    Question regarding driver door mirror....I have an early build 68 SS 350 ( 10B ). Were there cars produced with leftover round mirrors from 67 (which mine has) or did they all come out of the gate with the rectanglular mirrors ? My car also has the oil fin SS hood ornaments carried over from 67...