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  1. Performance
    I just bought a Camaro for a project car. It has a 454 with a new ignition module, coil, plugs, and wires. Ran ok with a few backfires thru the exhaust on my way home. About 50 miles in it started missing real bad. lost power and could barely get it home. When it is cold, it runs ok with a miss...
  2. Troubleshooting
    Ok I have a 99 Camaro 3.8 and it is haveing all sorts of problems. It feels like it is running ruff when it first cranks up under idle but starts running better as it warms up. if i give the car to much peddle it will start to what feels like misfire or choke or something of that nature. I just...
  3. Troubleshooting
    Hey all, I own a 75 2BBL 350. As of late, whenever I have tried any sudden acceleration from stop (not even talking burnout) and even sometimes in a damp morning before its warmed up, I'll get some annoying and painful misfires. Lately, it's gotten dramatically worse. Any kind of normal...
1-3 of 3 Results