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  1. Forum Classifieds
    Really good drivers or new GM's. Please note: No first born or arms to be had, so please only respond with reasonable sale offers.
  2. Restoration Corner
    Is it possible to determine if the upper and lower grill moldings have been painted red on my 67. It's a standard grill even though the emblems says RS. Or is it some molding that should be attached on top of the red metal? I have the headlamp bezels and they fits well with the red plate/molding...
  3. Body Shop
    Hey guys, I am curious of the location of the roof rail weatherstrip channel. I put mine back in where they were located before the car was painted. But I am having a hard time getting the side and quarter windows to suck up into the weaterstrip. I am wondering if the channels are too far...
  4. Interiors
    So, I bought these OEM deluxe panels from a fellow TCer, and I cannot wait to get them installed. Been trying to get the molding on the cheap. I noticed the strip on my old standard panel looked to be the same length as the indention for the bottom of the deluxe panel. I decided, what the...
  5. Forum Classifieds
    I have the bottom, driver's side molding, ($30) and the top piece of molding for the windshield. $25 Top piece is in great shape, but it's unwrapped. Also have the drip rail moldings for both driver and passenger side. I'm missing the two tiny pieces that connect the top and bottom pieces...
1-5 of 5 Results