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  1. 1969 Camaro Unknown what frame mounts - Motor mount question

    Hello All, This may be long but I hope straight forward. I am running into a WTH moment. I purchased a 1969 Camaro a few years ago and within a month or so I started to take it all apart (minus the rear axle - that was left 95% alone, just replaced the shocks and fluids). When I put the car...
  2. Extra stuff Camaro and LSX.

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    I have several extra parts that I'm not going to use. LS Water pump- PRW 1434600. Brand new never used. $150 ARP Motor bolts (130-3105), washers, and nuts. Motor mounts to frame mount bolt.- New $5.00 Small Block frame stands. Original, sandblasted and repainted, scratches in paint. $30.00...
  3. Car shaking with hard acceleration

    Hi everyone, A few years back I had a problem of when I would accelerate, the whole car would shake pretty violently. Subsequently my transmisson blew and it sat for a while. I recently put in a new transmission (M22W) and a new clutch disc (Centerforce Dual Friction). When I take off...
  4. Header/Motor mount/Steering box woes

    I bought some nifty coated Hooker Comps for my 69 Camaro with a 396. When I bought the car it had solid motor mounts with (what I thought was) small block frame stands. I put the BBC motor mount/frame stand set for that year of car in and a "quick ratio" power steering box in as well. The...