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  1. Convertibles
    Hello everyone. Quick question. I recently did a manuel to power top conversion on my '69. When the pump is on and the frame is in motion, all seems fine. When is approaching the extent of its travel to either its up/down position, it basically sounds like the motor is shutting down. If I keep...
  2. New Member Introductions
    :beers: How the heck is everyone in the Camaro Zone. Just starting out so this is my basic info: Live in the snow belt off Lake Erie in PA. My ride, a red 2011 ss/rs 6.2 LS3, is zipped into it's Car Jacket for another month at least. I have been shopping & buying some performance upgrades that I...
  3. EFI in your modern Classic
    I was down at a few local junk yards two weeks ago looking for a small plastic piece for my truck. At every yard I was at, I asked how much for one of the 5.3 motors. My truck is in the 151000+ range now, and I'm not an easy guy on the gas. At every yard I was told $500. This seems like a good...
  4. Engine
    I have a 377 motor. 400 sb with a 350 crank. I've had the timing checked 3 times the carburator rebuilt 2 times and it still runs like junk. The carburator wont idle unless you cranks the idol screw down to the point your past the idol adustment and are now opening the butterflies which makes...
  5. Tag Team
    Trying to locate vin stamping on a 67 327 block. They are not on the pad with the plant, date, suffix info. Can they be elsewhere. I have just read where possibly the vin stamping began later 68-69. Is there somewhere else I can look? I am also reading that the stamping near the oil filter...
  6. Electrical & Wiring
    When i have all the wires connected i start the car and no matter what setting i have my wipers on (high, low, off) they move but only half way on the windshield. I dont know if it is wireing issues or the motor itself. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Restoration Corner
    Need correct part number for original 68 wiper motor...10B build. Mine says 5045555, which comes out of a 68 Chevelle. Don't want that in my Camaro. Thx
  8. EFI in your modern Classic
    Hey all, I've been reading posts on here for years on and off. I've finally got $$ and time to do some work on my 68. I am transplanting an LT1/4L60E into her and I'm not sure which motor mounts and transmissions mounts I should be looking for? As well as what crossmember will work the best or...
1-8 of 8 Results