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  1. Engine
    I appreciate your patience up front. I'm new to the forum, and probably the least experienced guy in here. Figured with YouTube and, how hard could rebuilding a camaro be?!?! Now I'm feeling the pain of my ignorance - and lovin every minute of it! Dropped in a 406 in my '68. Took...
  2. Engine
    Sorry if this is in the wrong place I am very new to this and this is the first question I have posted. Any help is greatly appreciated as I had a older car in High School and it is slowly coming back to me.... Looking forward to learning from everyone and annoying my friends by asking them a...
  3. EFI in your modern Classic
    Hey all, I've been reading posts on here for years on and off. I've finally got $$ and time to do some work on my 68. I am transplanting an LT1/4L60E into her and I'm not sure which motor mounts and transmissions mounts I should be looking for? As well as what crossmember will work the best or...
1-3 of 3 Results