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  1. Auto-gear Muncie M21Y

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    Just pulled my Autogear Super Case M21Y Muncie out of my 67. Also have Denny"s driveshaft for it and factory crossmember Trans has shifter mounted but will need a handle. 1st: 2.199 2nd: 1.506 3rd: 1.0 4th: 0.857 Input 26 spline Output 32 spline $1500.00 plus shipping
  2. m20 Muncie, Fresh rebuild and Hurst shifter for trade

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    I have a 1968 M20 that was professionally rebuild for me. It has not been installed since. I also have the correct Hurst shifter and kit for the first gen Camaro. Both new still in the box. I really don't want to sell them out right but will consider offers. I am in need of either a t56 or a...
  3. 67-68 Reverse Switch on 69 Transmission

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hey everybody, Got a '69 camaro with Muncie 4 Speed and factory Hurst shifter. Need to redo reverse lights because I do not have lock-out linkage installed (nor think I can install it with headers on car). I don't like the aftermarket hurst switch personally, with the exposed electrical...
  4. Help identifying this reverse lockout rod?

    Transmission & Driveline
    I've had this reverse lockout rod lying around the garage for a while, I'm trying to figure out what it goes to. It's 14 3/8" long and stamped 5767. Any info on it would be much appreciated Thanks
  5. Muncie trans lever retention? bolts or nuts

    Transmission & Driveline
    When did the retention mechanism for shift levers on the Muncie transmissions change? At some point they changed from studs with nuts to a 'bolt'. Can anyone tell me the timing (ie. which year) for that change?
  6. M22Z - Jody's Transmissions

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hi everyone, I wanted to come on here and give a huge recommendation for Jody of Jody’s Transmissions. After reading through the forums for months and months, I kept reading great things about Jody. Once I decided to move forward with my replacing my busted Muncie I reached out to him. We...
  7. Powerglide to Muncie question

    Transmission & Driveline
    I would like to install a Muncie 4-speed in place of the Powerglide in my ’68 Camaro. Is there a way to do this without having to cut the floorboard? I read somewhere about an offset shifter from Hurst that eliminates having to modify the floorboard, but from what I’ve seen online I think that...
  8. Shifter hitting on trans tunnel

    Transmission & Driveline
    My shifter doesn't fit the hole in the trans tunnel. I recently changed to the 67 Hurst mount that attaches to the transmission mount and u-bolt around the very end of the tailhousing. I have a Hurst Competition Plus shifter. The shifter can rotate forward some on the mount. But with it...
  9. Speedo gears, need help

    Transmission & Driveline
    I replaced my speedo driven gear tonight with a 17 tooth purple part# 3987917 and I'm still 8 MPH slow on the speedo. So when the speedo reads 20 I'm going 28 or when the speedo reads 40 I'm going 48 MPH. So is there a smaller tooth count driven gear that I can go to? Or is there something else...
  10. Muncie Case Damage

    Transmission & Driveline
    I got my Muncie pulled apart today. I was expecting some carnage inside... and wasn't disappointed! My 1st gear had a few teeth completely stripped off and the countershaft had a number of teeth worn down as a result. It was ugly. I will of course need to order replacements for those two...
  11. Removed Muncie

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hey everyone, I'm rebuilding the Muncie 4 speed from my 67 and just finished Step 1: pulled it out of the car. That crossmember was not fun to get out... As I was looking inside the bellhousing, I noticed that the hole that the transmission slides into didn't really look straight. Is this...
  12. HELP with shifter linkage rods

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hi guys, I was given a box with two shifter bodies, and a bunch of loose rods. Can't find numbers on some of the rods, and the rods that do have numbers I have not been able to find information online for them. One of the shifter bodies is a Hurst (says so, Hurst part#3915401), the other shifter...
  13. Replaced m21 tail shaft - with issues

    Transmission & Driveline
    I have a m21 trans which had a Pontiac style Tail shaft. I replaced it with a Chevy one And everything seemed to go well when I swapped Them in my 67 camaro. Once everything went together, I could get The car to only go in reverse! There appears To be no neutral and none of the gears engage...
  14. '69 M21 transmission

    What's it worth?
    I've got a Feb '69 Muncie M21 P9B14B in very good condition. I would rather have a M20, so I'm thinking of selling the M21. It's dirty, but inside it looks very good. No ears broke off and no holes stripped as far as I can tell. It just needs to be cleaned up and new seals around the shifter...
  15. Chevy M-21 4-spd out of '69 Z/28 w/ Hurst Comp Plus

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    M-21 4-speed trans pulled from my 1969 Z/28. Case code: 3925661 Tail code: 3846429 Side Cover Code: 3884685 Bearing Retainer Code: 3915020 Shifter: Hurst Competition/Plus with all linkage - shifter is offset to center the tunnel correctly for a factory console car. 10 spline input, 27 spline...
  16. Muncie M20 Rebuild - Normal Gear Wear?

    Transmission & Driveline
    Decided to tackled the rebuild of my M20 on my own and I finally got it completey disassembled. All internals seem to be in good shape, with the exception of the reverse and reverse idler gears. Before I order a rebuild kit for all the typical wear parts, I want to get opinions on the level of...
  17. 1968 Rally Sport

    1968 Rally Sport

  18. Removing the front bearing on a muncie

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hey I have my transmission out of the car to replace the clutch and I wanted to update the front retainer nut and gasket since I had a slight leak and it was out anyways. I also ordered a new front bearing since it looked worn out. I had no problem getting the nut off but how do I remove the...
  19. 3rd and 4th gear suddenly aren't there

    Transmission & Driveline
    Need some help. 68 Camaro RS/SS 350, muncie 4spd hurst shifter, 12 bolt 4.10 gear I drove to a town about a half hour away last night, parked my car, ate, and when I got back in to drive home, I didn't have 3rd or 4th gear. (needless to say, the drive home was more like an hour) Can anybody...
  20. Muncie 4-speed shifter arms = where to get

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hi all! Been having a great time in my 67 Camaro until I parked it in the garage one night, started it the next morning, and my gearing was all out of whack. (Still in gear, even in neutral - whee!) Pulled off the linkages and just flipped the arms to verify the transmission seems to be ok...