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  1. Rattling and squeaks from the rear

    It's not always there. I hear it loud, when driving on uneven surface, and sometimes at idle. It sounds like it's coming from behind the rear interior quarter trim (passenger side). Noise is from the inside, not outside. I checked everything, but can't figure out where it's coming from. It's...
  2. Grinding Noise from front of engine

    Hi there Car is running GREAT, with one issue (hoping it's not a major one). Car starts right up - but after warming up, I hear a grinding/rattling noise (kind of like two ball-bearings that don't have sufficient lubrication, being spun around an empty can). The noise is constant after...
  3. Nearly New T-56 Magnum - Noise at fwy speeds only

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hi all - I'm chasing down a noise coming from front of trans in my '69. Shifts perfectly at all times. Around town = perfect. Swapped in hyd clutch set-up with no change in noise at speed. It seems to make same noise above 70mph in ALL conditions: under load, in neutral, coasting 70mph with...
  4. Gear Mesh That Becomes Tornado Siren

    Hey all, now that I have your interest... This is that same 91 Z28 that was giving me starting/running fits just a few short months ago (I love my wife!..err, I mean, I love this car, really babe, no problem, we'll figure it out) It's a 5.0, 5-speed, with 198K miles on it. (just gettin her...
  5. Help me with bad engine noise (link to video)

    Hello all, Here is a video of the noise my car's engine is making . I think the video accentuates the noise as it sounds worse yet listening to it on here, at least it will give you an idea though. The car idles reasonably ok but it sounds horrible when I give it any gas. The noise does not get...
  6. Loud noise on start-up

    If I have to apply the accelerator to get the engine started (like when it's been sitting over night, as compared to just a few minutes) the instant that the engine fires up and starts running on it's own, there's a rally loud, very short noise. It sounds something like a combination of a...
  7. light clunk coming from freshened rear end

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hi all, I have a 8.5"10 bolt out of a '79 T/A under my '79 camaro. I put new gears and bearings, etc. into it before I installed it. I've rebuilt a couple before successfully. Well yesterday I put it on the ground drove it just down by driveway but stopped because of a faint clunk every few...
  8. Rearend making noise need help identifying what it could be?

    Transmission & Driveline
    I have a 98 camaro ss. It has a viper t-56 tranny and richmond 4:10 gears. The car has started making a whining noise when I left off the gas or decelerate and it is slowly getting worse. It does this all the time at all speeds and rpm's. Now it has started making a clunking noise when I almost...
  9. 700R4 second gear noise

    Transmission & Driveline
    I have 6 month old stage-3 (650HP) professionally build 700R4 transmission sitting behind 454 in 68 Camaro RS. There appears to be a "wobble" noise when the car is in 2nd gear. Nothing like a grinding or knocking type of noise but rather a “waba-waba-waba…” type of noise. Almost like an...