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  1. American Auto Wire
    American Autowire has been on a roll! We released three new kits over the past three months! We know there is a lot going on this time of year, so here is a wrap-up in case you missed anything: 1968 Nova Classic Update kit part# 510201 $649 more info 1964-67 GTO Classic Update kit part#...
  2. Transmission & Driveline
    It's out of a '74 Nova. Going into my 68 after Eaton Posi/or/Truetrac, gears, and axles. What should I be looking for - anything I need to watch out for? Any way to check it? - I'm only in need of the housing really. It's complete Drum-Drum open 3.08 Thanks in advance! Bryan
  3. American Auto Wire
    The 1962-67 Chevy Nova kit (part# 510140) retails for $569 and is the most complete system of it’s type in the industry boasting 14 features including: new fully closed ATO fusebox, compatible with most aftermarket accessories, cluster harness disconnect system, dimmer, headlight and ignition...
  4. Sponsors
    CLICK HERE to see the informational video about our new voltmeter gauges! These new Voltmeter gauges are engineered as a direct replacement to install in place of the factory Ammeter gauge that was used in the original “saw tooth console gauge packages” installed in many 1968-1969 Camaros and...
1-4 of 4 Results