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  1. Hooker BBC Super Comps & Milodon pans

    Hi, Has anyone used Hooker 2.125" big block headers with a Milodon low profile or road race pan (30950, 31505) in a first gen car? I want to confirm that: a) they fit with the pan kickouts, and b) there aren't any other fit issues I missed. I'm prepping an LS6 and want to make sure...
  2. Flaming River Big Block Oil Pan

    Okay, I'm "restoring" a 67 convertible with a built 396. The oil pan i have has a 7 quart sump. I have installed a flaming river rack and pinion power steering unit. The sump is too big and needs to lose a few inches to clear the rack. Has anyone done this before? I can use as small as a 6...
  3. deep sump oil pan replacement

    New Member Introductions
    I need to replace my oil pan and I have read the many helpful items on replacing an oil pan without pulling the motor. One thing I'm assuming is those were original size pans being replaced. Would I be correct to assume this trick could not be done with a deep sump pan with windage tray?
  4. 1999 Camaro Z28 Oil Pan Replacement Procedure Questions

    Camaro Tech
    :mad: Hi, new here. My wife has a 99 Z28 and the guys at Firestone just informed me that the oil pan plug stripped the threads in the oil pan. They say they found a heli-coil in the female threads. So, it seems who ever did the last oil change stripped it. I am not familiar with the procedure...