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  1. 67 Camaro still won't cool :(

    Heating & Cooling
    I've been fighting cooling issues with my 67 since I bought it nearly 10 months ago. It's a 468 with an 8-71 blower. In short, after 10-15 minutes of driving, the temp heads north of 210 and won't come back down. I have to turn it off and try to hide it in the shade. This has kept me from...
  2. plug wires getting REAL HOT

    i have a sb 400 in my 1980 z28. i cleaned up the plug wires and have run them up the sides of the motor. they sit pretty close to the headers and i have sleeves on the wires in the spots where they sit VERY close to the headers so that they don't burn up. however, the wires are still greatly...
  3. Another Big Block 502 Overheating Issue

    Heating & Cooling
    I’ve searched the forums here multiple times looking for some direction, have tried a few minor adjustments but not getting fantastic results so I thought I’d ask for thoughts. Here’s the setup: 1968 Camaro SS, 502 GM Crate motor, TH 400 Trans. Aluminum short-style water pump, Power...
  4. Newbie question on burping coolant system

    Heating & Cooling
    I have a 1969 that is having some overheating issues. I recently replaced a 190 thermo with a 160 thermo and believe (or hope!) I may have some air in the system as the temp creeps into the 230-250 range. I've read some threads on burping but as a newbie still need some clarifications. When...
  5. 68 RS Overheating...Fix on a budget?

    Camaro Tech
    I just bought a 1968 Camaro RS with a 350 engine. When I bought it I was told that it has issues with overheating on warm days. I believe the radiator id copper and I'm running the six blade mechanical fan with a shroud. I want to increase the airflow, even at highway speeds, with minimal...
  6. Small block overheating issues

    Hi, my brother has my old 327 in his Chevy II and it's had overheating issues ever since he took possesion. It's a stock 327 with camel hump heads w/64cc chambers. He has comp xe268 cam and stock ram horn exhaust manifolds. He's using my old 3-row radiator. He also has a new aluminum...
  7. overheating problem.. kind of

    Heating & Cooling
    so i gotta 87 iroc z28 camero. first day i drive it, it starts smoking and trying to overheat. i replaced the temperature sensor and fixed the fan that wasn't working. the temperature gauge has to be broken because it only reads a little bit over 100 degrees. i baught a radiator cap with a temp...