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  1. Completely strip a car or just blast areas

    Restoration Corner
    Currently working on a 69 Camaro and have a few questions but first a little background about the car. I bought her from a guy that already had some body work done on it and then it was painted. Since I have had it, I have started cleaning up the interior floor pan which has presented some rust...
  2. Bumble Bee stripe color questions.

    Body Shop
    Hello, my father and I are doing a resto on my 67 RS SS. We are getting ready for paint. Cowl tag says KK Emerald Turquiose. The interior is also the same color. Is there anyway of knowing if this car came with a white bumble bee stripe or a black one? Any insight would be much appreciated.
  3. Paint and Body - How many hours are reasonable?

    Body Shop
    Because different shops charge different rates, I'm hoping if I detail the body and paint work that has been performed on my 69 Camaro, I'll get some professional shop owners and experienced DIY'ers to respond. I'm looking for a reasonable number of hours that it would take an experienced shop...
  4. Prepping/Painting grill

    Body Shop
    Alright, whats the best way to prep the plastic area of the grill for primer/paint? Prep like metal? Thanks!
  5. Factory Paint

    Body Shop
    I'm trying to restore my 1968 Chevrolet Camaro convertible not to its original standards, but to specs that could have existed. I'm wondering if Silver was available as a color choice from the factory for a 1968 Chevy Camaro? It doesn't seem like it, but I see 68's in Silver from time to time...
  6. Anyone with experience with Classic Muscle Works

    Body Shop
    While I can do many things - engines, transmission, electrical, AC, etc... I can't do body work. For me, I know enough that I will need to find a professional. I noticed an ad in the classifieds for a complete roller with paint from a shop in Tampa Bay, Florida. Classic Muscle Works (CMW)...
  7. 1968 paint...what to do.????

    Body Shop
    I am readying to paint the build I have been working on since January and I am really having a tough time deciding on the paint. I am trying to keep it original looking but that is the problem. There are about three colors I like. The original color is ash gold...I personally think the color...
  8. Body Resto: Good or Bad?

    Body Shop
    Greetings all. I'm a new poster/reader, and hopefully I won't be that annoying new guy who everyone tells to "go look at the older posts!" I'm about to pull the trigger and buy a non-numbers-matching 69 Camaro that has been restored. I know just enough about the mechanical stuff to be...
  9. Painting Interior Metal

    Body Shop
    Hey, I've had my 67' for a few years now and am finally starting to put some time/money into it. I've started by gutting the interior and have decided to change the existing blue metal interior to black. Specifically the metal above the rear door panels and package tray. I first gave it a...
  10. Our painter messed up, we need help

    Body Shop
    So my father and I have had our 69 camaro since I was in high school and just recently began to get the work done on it. We hired a local guy who was recommended by a friend. The work however was done in a covered area (not a real garage). When the paint job was done, it was not what we...
  11. Looking for a nice Red to paint my car, post up pics!

    Body Shop
    well its about time to paint my car and i've been trying to decide what shade of red i'm going with. i've been leaning towards victory red or torch red. but not sure, i don't really want it to look orange. i plan on going with white stripes also. i'd appreciate it if you'd post up pics and the...