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  1. Second Generation
    I hope this is in the right forum. The only posts I can find on this were gen1. I recently bought a 79 z28. I have no parking lights or instrument panel lights.The small INST LPS fuse in fuse box has no power to it, with or without having the headlight switch pulled on. I replaced the headlight...
  2. Electrical & Wiring
    After 46 years, the front left parking light has gone out on my 1967 Camaro. I took the assembly off, and removed the screws in the lens, but the lens doesn't appear to be removable, leading me to believe the entire assembly is one unit and must all be replaced. Now I do see replacements...
  3. Electrical & Wiring
    Just want to preface this by saying that I have really, really tried to find an answer to my problem in previous posts... I checked that I have the double filament outer stop/turn/park sockets and the single filament inner back up and park sockets along with matching bulbs. I think the tail...
1-3 of 3 Results