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  1. Many 67 Parts for sale including Restomod/Pro Touring Parts

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    Parts Sold. Mods please delete.
  2. Hello new to site!

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    MY NAME is Sara. I run a classic muscle store with my partner out if NY. SPECIALIZE in 1st and 2nd Gen Camaros!! Looking forward to being in touch with all the fellow camaro lovers.
  3. 'Special' Heater Backing Plate for '81 Camaro?

    Heating & Cooling
    Hey everyone... Ill give you the full story. So the heater core bit the dust about a month or 2 ago, puking coolant all over the passenger floor carpet... I replaced it. But a week later the blower motor started clicking at any speed other than high. I thought it was something maybe in the...
  4. Looking for voltage regulator dated 7d

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    Looking for a voltage regulator dated 7d for my 67 camaro 770-366-2475 thanks shannon
  5. Who are the best restoration parts companies?

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    I have been looking at a multitude of companies for parts for my ground-up restoration. I will list them at the end of this post. Who have you found that is the best to order from for a good price with good service and receive good quality product (if it is not name brand)? I have read of...
  6. need help finding a driver seat

    I have a 2000 Camaro my driver seat broke..i need a cloth or leather driver side seat that is manual..what all years or other type of cars will fit this having no luck online or other pull a part yards..thanks
  7. Looking for a set of steering arms for my 67 camaro

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Looking for a set of steering arms for my 67 camaro part number LH-3954875 and a RH-3954876 my number is 770-366-2475 thanks!!!!
  8. BBC Camaro Fuel System parts

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    BBC (big block Chevy) parts. Performance and race parts. 2G Camaro I am redoing a bored and stroked 454 (496) and am making quite a few changes to the engine. This is an engine I picked up a few months ago and hence have parts that I am changing out. The engine STH only about 1 hour on the clock...
  9. HEI Replacment parts (GM)

    Electrical & Wiring
    Can anyone tell me where I may purchase replacement parts for a GM HEI distributor? I need bushings, springs, weights vac. can. I have installed an aftermarket distributor but would like to rebuild the GM. I have checked the web and many locals with no luck. I do not like the kits from Accel...
  10. Greenhorn to this site

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    Howdy! My name is Rich. No, I'm not a cowboy. I'm an engine builder that has had his own business since 1987, and am looking to help others with advice, as well as start selling some of the many parts I have collected over the years. I already have many ads on craigslist, and will start...
  11. GRAB BAG 1969 Camaro Various Original GM Sheet Metal Panels Parts Brac

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    Helping out the community of Camaro owners out there... ***************************** By now, you guys should know my build thread in the body shop forum as it grew to monumental size. I saved all of the various panels that I replaced as references along the way just in case I needed a...