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  1. What Differential do you guys use?

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hey Gents! I have an 8.2 10 bolt and I need a posi unit. What are you guys running and how much abuse are you giving them?
  2. Canadian Positraction Sticker

    Restoration Corner
    Hello all, I've been a member of Team Chevelle since 1998 and I own a Canadian built 1970 Chevelle SS396. I'm here to ask for research help. My car has positraction and therefore it has the remnants of the the Canadian only yellow posi warning sticker/decal on the trunk lid. There was only ONE...
  3. 69 rear end in a 67??

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hey gents, I have a '67 with a 10-bolt, locker (not sure what type) and 4.11 gears. I purchased it like that but would like to change it to a posi and 3.73. I found a rear end from a '69. It's a 10-bolt with 3.73s, it's got a posi, and he's selling it for $600. My question is will a '69 rear...
  4. Building 8.5 inch 10-bolt...any words of wisdom?

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hi everyone, I building a 8.5 inch 10-bolt. I'm planning the following: 73 Nova Axle - $100 Rebuild Kit from Richmond Gear (their "mega kit") - $130 30-spline cone type posi from 1993 Buick Roadmaster in junk yard - $50 Keeping original 2.73 gears since I'm planning on 6L80E in future - $0...
  5. rearend for a 68

    Transmission & Driveline
    My car has an original open rear, and I'm looking to go posi because it just fries the right tire when I try to launch. So my question is, what rears will swap into this car without modification, besides the obvious, another one from a 1st gen Camaro. Found one reasonable from a 79 Trans Am...
  6. Rebuild Original 68 Rear End

    Transmission & Driveline
    Ok, so I am not a car guy (never been in an auto shop class) but I am turning into one. I am 43 and loving this project. :) I am doing a jack stand restore on my wife’s first car. It is a 68 plain Jane 327, power glide, single leaf (Do not know much more that that). I have dropped the rear end...
  7. WTB 8.2 3.55 or 3.73 gears... or an entire 8.5 rear

    Forum Classifieds
    Gear have to fit an 8.2. I'd be content with just the gears, but I also need posi. So, if you have a posi set up that will work for my 8.2, I'm open to that too. That said, if you have a Nova 8.5 set up with similar gearing and you're close enough to Austin that I could come pick it up, I'm...
  8. light clunk coming from freshened rear end

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hi all, I have a 8.5"10 bolt out of a '79 T/A under my '79 camaro. I put new gears and bearings, etc. into it before I installed it. I've rebuilt a couple before successfully. Well yesterday I put it on the ground drove it just down by driveway but stopped because of a faint clunk every few...
  9. 1967 Camaro Parts

    Forum Classifieds
    Complete Front Subframe with disk brakes (minus steering box) 2000.00 OBO Center Console w/gauges and harness 500.00 OBO Original Z28 12 Bolt w/3.73 gears. About 3000 miles. 1700.00 OBO. Can email pics on request. Located in San Jose, CA. Dan